Access the studios, equipment and direction you need to make groundbreaking content, for one annual fee.

What's included?

Multiple Studios

Access to our ultra-modern East London studios, supporting unlimited content creation when you need it.

Photo | Video | Podcast

Whether you need video production, photography shoots, or podcast creation, we have you covered.


From our industry leading camera equipment, to our sets and backdrops, we have all you will need.

Content Strategy

Upon joining you receive six months worth of content strategy from our in house specialists.

Expert Team

Each studio is supported by our expert production team, each shoot is with a dedicated videographer / producer.


Join us each month for our No Agenda community meet up alongside over 300 existing members.

Founder focussed café to relax & work from
Community of 300+ ambitious founders

Membership Options

Annual Membership

The ultimate content creation package for founders. Create unlimited content across two Shoreditch studios. The fee covers 1 year of membership and a one time onboarding fee.

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Annual Membership Plus

Everything in the Annual Membership package, plus 10 days (80 hours) editing time across the year, working out at 50% off the standard editing hourly rate.

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The full package

We encourage impactful engagement between startup and audience.


What does the future of your industry look like? What content is being made? And how should you be positioning yourselves online through content? This is where we do a deep dive into the big questions surrounding the market and audience for your company. Who are they, what do they engage with and how is your value proposition effectively translated into great content with a story to tell.


Plan and execution. Good research means nothing without a plan and a good plan is pointless without execution. This is where we map out possible roadmaps for your company’s content strategy. What’s the end goal and what would this look like rolled out over the next 6 to 12 months? The art of planning requires a blend of focused discussion and a confident approach to next steps.  


Now we drill into the main points and select the creative concepts that best align with your company’s goals and KPI’s for the coming year. We can brainstorm further once we have these concepts locked in, because you can’t use up creativity - the more you use the more you have. This is where the discipline comes in for us to tailor the content to a T and rival your competitors in a way they won’t see it coming.


The plan is clear and we’re ready to execute. Go and create. You’ve got 12 months.