Who we are

Founded in 2021, Dream Factory is a Content Creation House for startups.We have one goal in mind – to build authentic connections between brand and audience through strategic content.

We are solely focussed on helping founders create high-quality studio based content, to increase engagement, grow brand presence and in turn, scale their startup. Join the community and start making the impactful content your business deserves.

What we do

Making groundbreaking content should be easy for a startup.

No matter the size of your business, or the depth of your pockets, we believe you should have the opportunity to make exceptional content that promotes, showcases and markets your business in the best way possible.That’s why we provide you with the studio, the equipment, and the direction you need to make groundbreaking content, all for one flat annual fee.

How it works

It’s pretty simple. You book a tour of the DF Studios, meet one of Founder Success team, decide which level of access you'd like and then all you need to do is submit your first brief to our creative team.

Before you know it, you're creating content.


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What our members have to say

Dream Factory members Remy's testimonial about content creation
"Last year before we invested in DF we spent over £15,000 on content. In one quarter with Dream Factory we've already created the same amount of content."

Abeer Iqbal
Founder, Remy