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Making content that reaches your customers effectively usually takes a lot of money, production expertise and time. But it doesn’t have to. We provide the studio, equipment, and direction you need to make groundbreaking content, all for an annual fee of £4,000 ex VAT.

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Our members are the best and brightest. Check out some of the content they’ve been making to propel their business forwards.





An actual community of

The word ‘community’ is thrown around a lot, but we’re not bullshitting. Our members create meaningful relationships by getting to know each other at our regular in-person events. A strict no-dickhead policy means that you’ll be surrounded by just good founders on the same journey you are.

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Regular in-person events
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Best coffee in Shoreditch
Versatile event space
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Based in Shoreditch, street level

Find us in Shoreditch, the heart of the UK’s startup scene. We’re right next to the birthplace of the likes of Monzo and Etherium. These streets are rich with history, and we’re going to make it all over again.

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£4,000 /year +VAT

  • Unlimited access to our studios
  • Video, podcast, photography
  • Founder community with regular events
  • Content strategy and editing services
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