Here's some of the most frequently asked questions. Reach out below if you have any more.

Is it really unlimited content creation?

Yes. We’re limiting numbers and heavily vetting members to allow this. Members submit storyboards and scripts to our Director of Content, and we use this to allocate studio time.

Is all the studio equipment included?

Yes. We have state-of-the art camera equipment that can record your content in 4k.

How does it work when I want to book a session?

We require a brief 10 working days in advance so our creative team has a clear overview of the content you want to create and the core objectives of your shoot. Once this has been received, we'll arrange a time for you to come in and start filming.

What about editing?

Editing options are available to all of our members. We provide two bundles and encourage members to consider these when joining. Our team of specialist editors are then able to deliver all of your needs, and if you work with an editor already, we always provide the raw files for you to use externally.

Is there a team on site to record my content?

Part of the Dream Factory service is all hands on deck. Our Director of Content handles all pre-production set up and a member of our dedicated studio team will shoot everything for you on the day.

Can I bring my own video/photographer?

Of course. We'll help you to maximise your content output by shooting behind the scenes and at different angles.

Can I work from DF every day?

We're not a a co-working space, and our studio typically gets fully booked from 9 AM to 6 PM across all areas. We kindly request that you arrive on time and only have the folks directly involved in the shoot with you.

Are events included in my membership?

Dream Factory community events are open to everyone! Throughout the year, we host exclusive Dream Factory member events for our community to connect.

Interested in throwing your own? Get in touch!

How can I communicate with other members?

Reach out to them via our dedicated member's group, through your account manager, or at the next Dream Factory Community Event.

Is there a discount for annual billing?

Memberships are billed upfront or via Iwoca Pay.

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