Frequently asked Questions

Need more info on how the content creation process works? Check out our answers to these frequently asked questions.
Is it really unlimited content creation?

Yes. We’re limiting numbers and heavily vetting members to allow this. Members submit storyboards and scripts to our Director of Content. We use these to determine time allocated in the studio.

Is all the studio equipment included?

Yes. We have state-of-the art camera equipment that can record your content in 4K.

How does it work when I want to book a slot?

You'll submit a storyboard to our Director of Content so that we know what you want to make and what your objectives are. Once it's been cleared we'll arrange a time for you to come in and start filming.

What about editing?

Editing isn't included in your annual membership fee but we have a team of expert editors available to get your content back to you quickly and with a professional finish. We always provide the raw files if you'd prefer to source editing outside of Dream Factory.

What are your opening hours?

The studio is open 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday. Groundfloor Cafe is open 8 - 4pm Monday to Thursday, 8 - 5pm Friday, and 9 - 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

Is there someone on hand to film/record the content?

Our Director of Content will set everything up and record for you so you can be sure of a professional finish, every time.

Can I bring my own videographer/photographer?

Of course.

Can I work from DF every day?

Nope, we’re not a co-working space. Swing by, have a coffee, hang out and chill with your laptop. But this isn’t a 9-5 co-working setup.

Are the culture events included?

Yep yep. Music, comedy, art, fashion all included. Events weekly.

How can I communicate with other members?

Via the Dream Factory app.

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