Dream Factory House Rules

Dream Factory operates the UK’s only content creation house that’s dedicated to helping founders create killer content. It requires adherence to accepted standards of conduct and the rules to safeguard the use and enjoyment of Dream Factory by its members and their guests.
Last updated 26 October 2021

Your membership application

By completing and submitting your application for membership via our website, you agree to be bound by these rules.

The Membership Committee meets weekly and admits new members when space is available. The Membership Committee shall have sole discretion as to who shall become a member of Dream Factory.

Membership database

It is important for us to have your current details, plus a photograph of you in our membership database. By becoming a member of Dream Factory, you agree that we can hold your personal details and a photograph to use in connection with your membership.

Membership cards

All membership cards must be handed to a member of the Dream Factory team to gain entry. Where any member allows his or her card to be used by a non-member, such non-member shall be denied access to, or removed from, Dream Factory and the member whose card was used may face suspension or termination of their own membership. Please notify us immediately if your membership card is lost or stolen.

Privacy for members/guests

Every Dream Factory member is growing and nurturing a scaling business, any fishing for information for the wrong reasons or bad business behaviour will not be tolerated

Studio booking cancellations

Studio bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the shoot/recording will be invoiced at £150 per hour. This is to ensure all members get fair access to the studios and minimises downtime.


Dogs welcome, 🐶 woof.

Interpretation of the rules

In the event of any dispute arising as to the meaning or interpretation of these rules, the matter shall be referred to the Membership Committee, whose decision with respect to your membership shall be final and without appeal. These rules shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law and each member agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

Proposing new members

Members are welcome to propose new applicants to join Dream Factory. Application forms are available here.

Membership payment

Upon approval or renewal of your membership, your membership fees become payable immediately.

Failure to pay the annual subscription within 10 days of the due date will result in the member not being admitted to Dream Factory and the membership being terminated.

Your personal information

We will use the personal information you provide us in connection with your membership, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Audio/video sound

Movies, videos, songs, internet calls, presentations and all other audio must only be played through headphones and should not be audible to any other member or guest present. Internet calls must only take place in designated areas

Content creation

No third party filming at Dream Factory. This means you create groundbreaking content for your startup at DF, with any special guests you want to feature. However, we don’t permit any other brand filming under your membership.

What content is permitted

At Dream Factory, you can execute and create any form of digital content that is going to be used as marketing material for your businesses marketing activity. Dream Factory cannot be used to produce any content that is your business, for example paywall content. 

Where you can film

With a Dream Factory membership you are exclusively permitted to shoot inside the four walls of our studio spaces. External filming outside our studio space cannot be carried out by Dream Factory.


Members and their guests should be aware that for safety reasons, we use CCTV in Dream Factory.

Amendments to the Dream Factory rules

Dream Factory may change the rules from time to time, by displaying notification of the change on DreamFactory.ventures. Please be aware that the House rules in your membership book may not be completely up to date and that the latest version of the House rules are displayed on DreamFactory.ventures

Membership renewal

Membership is for a minimum period of one year and renewable thereafter on an annual basis.

Membership renewals are not automatic and are reviewed by our Membership Committee on an annual basis. The decision of the Membership Committee is final and without appeal.

Resignation of your membership

If you choose to resign your membership refunds will be at the discretion of Dream Factory.


Dream Factory members are permitted to bring guests to the premises to assist with filming, be there for moral support or hang out and have a coffee. Maximum 3 guests at any one time, not including those involved in creating content.

Accidents and injuries

If a member or guest has an accident or suffers any injury at, or in the vicinity of, Dream Factory, please report this as soon as possible to a member of staff and, in any event, within 24 hours of the incident. As well as wanting to check on a member or guest’s wellbeing, this information is needed in order to help us comply with our health and safety obligations and for insurance purposes.

Entering/leaving Dream Factory

All members and their guests are asked to respect our nearby residents by being quiet when entering or leaving the premises, or while in the surrounding area.

Liability of Dream Factory

All items brought into Dream Factory are brought and left entirely at the risk of a member, or his or her guests. Dream Factory, its servants and/or agents shall not be liable to any member or guest for any loss, damage or injury suffered by them or their property howsoever caused, save in respect of death or personal injury to a member or guest to the extent caused by the negligence of Dream Factory, its servants and/or agents. This is not intended to affect any mandatory rights a member or guest may have under local law that we cannot legally restrict or exclude.

Contacting us

Should you have any questions regarding your membership and/or our House rules, please contact us at Members@dreamfactory.ventures

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