Who are Remy and what do you guys do?

Remy is a sleep company. We create premium, natural products to helpyou sleep better so you can achieve your wildest dreams.

What impact has DF made on your startup's content?

DF has given us the flexibility to create great content whenever we require it. Whether it's a new product shoot, an ad creative, or just generic content for social we have all of our content needs sorted by DF. Their team is also lovely to collaborate with, bringing their own expert knowledge to the table and making our output that much better. Every start-up should be using DF's services.

What were you doing before this to create content?

Prior to DF we were only able to create content once a quarter and we had to hire a studio, photographer, videographer, and all the other miscellaneous items that come with content shoots. DF has streamlined this for us and has made it possible for us to be agile in content creation.

How much do you estimate (even best guess) you would have spent on content so far had you been using an external video agency?

Last year before we invested in DF we spent over £15,000 on content.In one quarter with Dream Factory we've already created the same amount of content.

How has being a part of DF helped you and your brand?

As a start-up it is imperative that we act with agility when it comes to our marketing campaigns and product launches. Dream Factory has allowed us to create content quickly and with the utmost quality for allof our marketing and product needs. And we're just getting started!

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