MOJU Drinks is a FMCG drinks brand producing healthy shots and prebiotic drinks. 

Here’s what they have to say: 

We use Dream Factory for all of our product content whether that’s a photoshoot to promote our products across social media, a promotional video for advertising or a video for attracting new retailers. 

Before our membership at Dream Factory we were booking much bigger shoots in bigger studios, two or three days and doing multiple shoots at one time which took a lot of planning, and that can be quite expensive, and it can draw your focus away from the key objectives. 

Dream Factory has allowed us to be more reactive and proactive with our content. We can create more content on a more regular basis and actually work on more bite sized projects and smaller content pieces as well as bigger content pieces. This has been amazing and a game changer as we can be really reactive with the content we need to shoot, whether that’s product shots for socials or bigger promotional campaigns like the shoot we did to bring Tesco on as a new retailer. 

Having Dream Factory there for all of our content needs is really handy and saves us a lot of time and resources - we’ve definitely saved a few thousand pounds since becoming a member of Dream Factory. 

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