Who are Laylo and what do you guys do?

We're Laylo. And we’re changing the way the world drinks wine.

Did you know that wine packaging hasn’t changed in over 200 years? No wonder it doesn’t suit the way we live our lives…

At Laylo we source top quality wines - the sorts that would cost at least £12 in a fancy wine merchant - and put them into boxes that can be proudly displayed on your countertop. Each box stays fresh for6 weeks from opening, so you can enjoy 'the odd glass'. They generate 90% less carbon than glass bottles and are 100% recyclable.

Laylo was founded in the 2020 lockdown by Laura Riches and Laura Rosenberger.

What impact has DF made on your startup's content?

Prior to joining Dream Factory we had a single photo shoot at the launch of each of our wines. Dream Factory membership enables us to create more content, which is more responsive to market trends or what we can see"working" elsewhere in our business.

What were you doing before this to create content?

We worked with a photographer ahead of the launch of each wine. This gave us 5 or 6 glossy hero images to use for our website and PR.

How much do you estimate(even best guess) you would have spent on content so far had you been using an external video agency?

We had forecast to spend approximately £1,000 per month on content creation before joining the Dream Factory.

How has being a part of DF helped you and your brand?

We only started using our membership a few weeks ago, but we're already benefiting from the increased volume of content. It's also fantastic to feel part of a community of founders, which we're looking forward to taking advantage of in the coming months.

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