Koia enables anyone to buy, trade and collect Fractions linked to iconic assets, such as watches, wine, Pokemon cards and art. Koia sources, authenticates and securely stores all the assets on behalf of the users and lets them buy Fractions (NFTs) linked to the asset. The Fractions can be purchased via the Koia website when first ‘dropped’ or traded on third-party NFT marketplaces.  

How Dream Factory has helped. 

At Koia, the assets sourced can range from rare collectables such as an original Beatles vinyl, a historic baseball card to a luxury 2018 Rolex. DreamFactory has allowed us to showcase the unique characteristics of these assets in a personal way to our users. We know how important video is in the storytelling journey, and the alternative assets come to life when showcasing them through video in our marketing communications.

Previously we focused on static images and graphic design illustration, which gives you the ability to create imaginably artistic wonders. However, users also want to see the real-life item and people working with Koia, which allows us to build trust and a different perspective than other companies are currently doing.  

We've already shot 3-4 times in the studio, ranging from talking head videos with the founding team to product shoots. Having access to a studio has done wonders, I would estimate we would have spent £3,000 - £6,000 if we outsourced to an external agency to do video direction, site-location and videographer.  

DF is more than just a studio, the range of founders and people in the community makes you feel like one of the family. There's plenty of networking and exchanging ideas or knowledge on the DF Whatsapp. This helps to tap into other founders' network pools when facing similar challenges or speed bumps along the way, from recommendations of lawyers to reviews of tech or marketing software. Everyone part of the DF family wants each other to succeed – that's why it's more than a studio. 

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