Get ahead of your holiday content planning

Just like you don't want to be the person shopping for presents on Christmas eve, you also don't want to be creating your festive content at the last minute.

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September 11, 2023

What on Earth are we talking about?

November is the perfect time to plan and film the bulk of your content for the Holiday season. Whether you’re looking to promote a Christmassy product or introduce a campaign for the New Year, now is the time to get your content sorted so you can head home early for the Christmas holidays. 

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As the days get shorter and the air gets crisper, early November is the perfect time to start looking for holiday inspiration. Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are great for getting into the holiday spirit, and picking up on this year’s trends. Just as well, taking a look at what performed well last year can help root out what ideas to avoid or stick with. 
Additionally, drawing on people’s nostalgia is a fantastic way to come up with content. Look back to traditional holiday films, songs, and themes for inspiration that will be recognizable and appeal to your audience’s emotions. Someone might be much more excited about your product if it's reminiscent of watching Elf with the family rather than being vague or uninspired.

Once you’ve scrolled through all of the Christmassy side of Pinterest, it’s time to create a content calendar devoted to your holiday campaigns. 

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Be Realistic.

While the holiday season is a fantastic time to capitalise on marketing ideas for your startup, it is also all too easy to be over ambitious which will result in a lot of half-finished or messy campaigns rather than one or two thoughtful and well-executed ones. Think about which holidays work best for your company and your product, particularly keeping the timeline in mind. 

Focus on creating content that can spark a conversation – this is where the emotional, nostalgic inspiration can best come into play. Getting your audience involved and through more nostalgic campaigns will be more likely to stick in their minds when starting their Christmas shopping. 

As always, appeal to your audience’s pain points. During the holiday season, this can allude to loneliness around the holidays, dealing with intrusive family members, or even as silly as what to get your brother-in-law for Christmas. Structure your campaigns around themes like this and your audience will inherently see your product or service as integral to their upcoming holiday experience. 

Don’t forget about social media. This is one of the easiest ways to spread brand awareness, promote your new products or promotions, and for your audience to consume your holiday content. When shooting your content, try to keep a few shots that are compatible with popular social platforms like Instagram and TikTok. By pairing your content with trending holiday songs and hashtags, this is just another way to further your reach.  

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Drake Knows What's Up!

Sounds like a lot of work right? It can be. But getting ahead and planning your holiday inspired content early means you can get started on the creatives for it early as well. Booking in a slot at Dream Factory can get your content sorted, ahead of schedule so you can go home and relax during the holiday season.

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